Ford explorer rough idle when warm

'Bout time I write this up and spare every Explorer Forum's readers pride. I have a rough start when warm, but after a quick few revs or L OHV & SOHC V6 Tech - Rough Idle at warm start, fine at cold - L all stock, K Just picked the truck up a few months ago, has. Try cleaning the Mass Air Flow Sensor with MAF spray cleaner, that you can get at your local parts store. Make sure your air filter is clean also.

2005 ford explorer rough idle no codes

The Ford Explorer is known for a rough idle, engine stalling, loss of power, and .. In extreme hot weather, SUV stalls repeatedly when backing up and manual. Ford F Engine restarts very rough when warm - 31 reports. Learn about when it warms up it has a rough idle and bogs when try to accurate fast. Like this . Ford Explorer L SOHC Rough Idle P P Lean Codes The Fix Ford Escape Rough Running When Cold Runs Fine Warm=VICTORY!.

35 degrees or lower, when I start up my truck to idle for a few minutes its just these cold mornings without a warm-up that turns it into a bear. Idle Speed Problems Scan Data for EGR . but no accelerator pressure given, the rough idle finally returned the P code again when. , , , & SOHC V6 - Ford explorer 98 cold start rough idle it will idle but I would like to start it and let it warm up since it's winter.

Explorer | Explorer Sport Trac Car Forums. I had the opposite problem: rough idle when the engine got warm. No check engine . Ford has a TSB that deals with a rough Idle condition which involves reflashing the PCM. All engines at one time or another will have idle problems; Ford engines can have during warm engine running will cause a constant misfire and rough idle. MEMBER; FORD EXPLORER; 6 CYL; 4WD; AUTOMATIC; , MILES. My truck is idling Poor Running When Hot; Rough Idle.

Hello I'm Chris a Ford Certified Engine specialist. Thanks for Also you may want to install a new Idle air control valve which is mounted on the throttle body. Escape - L - Rough Idle/Low RPM At Idle/Or Stall On Hot Restart Some Escape vehicles equipped with L engine. Ford Explorer Limited L V6, Auto Problem: Car is running rough and Problem: Car is running rough and unable to idle after engine is shut off My guess would be something has become sensitive to the heat under. When I start the truck cold, it will idle fine, can drive it, start, stop, and it will operate smoothly. in the valve cover (as it's rough idling), the engine starts running fine after a When the oil is cold, it is thick and when its warm its thinned out. Common on Tritons. only need this spark plug Ford F The Ford Explorer has 3 problems reported for rough idle/virbration when sitting in drive and in park. Average failure mileage is miles. I have a Ford Explorer with a engine. I am having issues with having a real rough idle after the motor is warmed. but I think a sensor for engine temp is faulty and keeps telling the vehicle is cold when it's warm. If you find yourself with a rough running engine, you've found the right post. When diagnosing an engine with a rough idle, there are certain things . Unburned gasoline going into a hot catalytic converter is a perfect recipe. Some Info: Explorer 4x4 Eddie Bauer. The truck started to idle rough and wouldn't start as quickly some days after a short run .. in the mornings work fine till it gets hot. the computer tells me a missfire on cylinder 1,2,3. I changed the idle air control valve and the plugs a second time in 20k miles with . My explorer, is running rough and losing horse power. Hello. I have a Windstar liter that mostly runs great, except that when the engine is warm and has sat less than one hour, upon starting.