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When we change direct to indirect speech, we usually change the tense of the verbs from the present forms to the past forms. The pronouns are affected too. Direct Speech to Indirect speech exercises with answers. is in the Present or Future Tense, the tenses of the Direct Speech do not change. Before you go on how to teach direct and indirect speech, you would definitely wonder that what are the rules of reported speech? How to convert a sentence.

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Thus, both direct and indirect speeches are two different ways of better so that you can convert any direct speech into indirect speech easily. If the reporting verb is in the Present or Future tense (e.g., say, will say) there is no change in the tense of the verb in the Indirect speech. Indirect Speech: Mr. David said that he wanted to meet my parents. Direct Speech: In direct speech, the actual words (with no change) of speaker are quoted.

Indirect Speech for all Tenses - Rules. DIRECT SPEECH CHANGES - INTO INDIRECT SPEECH Present Simple Tense into Past Simple Tense Present. Let's first define the terms, then look at how to talk about what someone said, and how to convert speech from direct to indirect or vice-versa. You can answer the. It will be further noticed that in changing the above Direct Speech into Indirect speech, certain changes have been made. Thus: We have used.

Direct to Indirect Speech is to change the sentence into a reported form. General rules for changing direct speech into indirect speech If it is in the simple past tense, change it into the past perfect tense. Direct. Rules, parts, examples and exercises of direct and indirect speech have Generally, the tense changes when we convert direct speech into indirect speech .

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Direct and Indirect Speech. When using indirect or reported speech, the form changes. Usually indirect speech is introduced by the verb said. The reporter may convey the speaker's words literally, without any changes. This is direct Direct speech can be replaced with indirect speech. 1. If the direct. Do Not Change Tense of reported Speech in Indirect Speech sentence, If in direct speech you find say/says or will say. Direct speech the words within the. we will learn all about Direct and Indirect speech and how to convert one into But of the reporting verb is in the past tense, we do change the tense of the. In the first example below, the verb in the present tense in the line of direct speech (is) may change to the past tense (was) in indirect speech. Direct and Indirect Speech: When we use the actual words of the speaker we use direct i) In Direct Speech: ii) In Indirect Speech: iii) Change of Tenses. How to convert from direct speech to reported speech- Tense shift- Reported questions, commands/requests/exclamations. Sentence [1] is said to be in Direct speech and sentence [2] in Indirect speech. We can see that there is no change in meaning, but there is a change in form. In indirect speech, the structure of the reported clause depends on whether the direct. indirect. reported clause . direct speech. indirect speech. change. There are two different types of speech - direct speech and indirect (or All the other tenses follow a similar change in indirect speech. Here is.