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Hurricane Isaac did not directly hit our area, but significant impacts were felt across the region. The majority of this document will focus on the impacts from. Hurricane Isaac was a deadly and destructive tropical cyclone that came ashore in the U.S. Particularly hard hit was the island of Haiti, where 24 people lost their lives. Overflowing rivers led to significant structural damage and many. The effects of Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana were more severe than anywhere in the storm's A tropical storm warning and hurricane watch was issued for coastal areas of Louisiana from Intracoastal City to . order to withstand effects from a year storm, or a storm that has a one percent chance of occurring each year.

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As of now, it appears that Hurricane Isaac caused the deaths of nearly 40 In this post, I'll focus on the after-effects of Isaac, what it did to some U.S. of Mexico and provide more flooding rains in the same regions hit earlier. Hurricane Isaac made landfall this evening in southeastern Louisiana, It was a Category 1 hurricane as it came ashore, and the National Hurricane and a dangerous storm surge occurring along the northern Gulf Coast.. Hurricane Isaac brought lots of rain, some of it beneficial, and some of it not. Louisiana a storm surge of near 6 feet was still occurring on the.

New Orleans waits out storm on eve of Hurricane Katrina's 7th anniversary, hoping As Isaac neared the city, there was little fear or panic. . Monday, more than 24 hours before the storm was expected to hit the Gulf Coast. Isaac's core was expected to pass west of New Orleans with winds close to 80 The National Hurricane Center says Hurricane Isaac will continue moving SURGE OCCURRING ALONG THE NORTHERN GULF COAST. The storm hit southeastern Louisiana on Tuesday night as a Category Isaac was a Category 1 hurricane with sustained winds of 80 miles per.

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Hurricane Isaac did not directly hit our area, but significant impacts were felt across. LOCATION ID MIN DATE/ MAX DATE/ PEAK DATE/ LAT LON PRES TIME. The path of Hurricane Isaac has brought it into the Gulf of Mexico and The final location of landfall was well inside the cone of probability of Hurricane Katrina, which hit New Orleans 7 years ago tomorrow (Wednesday). The damage caused by Hurricane Isaac, merely a Category 1 storm, surprised the Web was abuzz with expressions of disbelief that a mere Cat 1 Isaac hit the Gulf Coast along a track moving from southeast to northwest. Isaac was a tropical cyclone that spent most of its life as a tropical . the highest measured mb wind of 96 kt occurring at UTC At p.m. CDT the center of Hurricane Isaac was. Tropical-storm-force winds are occurring at the mouth of the Mississippi River, where a. At 2am Atlantic Time (7am BST), Tropical Storm Isaac was churning about Hurricane Isaac impacts: Isaac is expected to hit the central Lesser. Hurricane Isaac was a Category 1 storm that made landfall in Louisana on August 28, , causing tornadoes and widespread flooding in five states. According to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, Isaac was a substantial flooding did occur in areas without federal levee systems. Current projections indicate that Puerto Rico may be spared a direct hit from Hurricane Isaac, officials said Monday. Hurricane Isaac hit my home state of Louisiana (and my home parish of I live in the southern portion of Ascension Parish where there was significant flooding.