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This is a step by step video of making a dandelion paperweight using resin and a real dandelion. It has a glass-like look when complete. The Make a Wish dandelion paperweight makes a unique gift for birthdays. About the Dandelion Paperweight A remarkable weed in a crystal clear sphere. Learn how to make a dandelion paperweight from easy to find ingredients such as resin, catalyst and a real dandelion seed head puff.

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Paige Hemmis is showing you how to make your own beautiful paperweights. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Dandelion Collective has been producing these gorgeous paper weights made from dried out. Resin paperweights are so cool and easy to make. They are a Items to embed ( examples: dandelion, succulent, fossils and wasp paper).

However, the people over at Dandelion Paperweights actually make these crazy- cool spheres with dandelions perfectly preserved inside. If you ever feel crafty and want something creative and fabulous to make, we will surprise you today. A Dandelion Paperweight which is striking enough to. Buy Dandelion Paperweight - Made from a Real Dandelion (Full Sphere): each paperweight is unique, with no two being identical, making it a special gift.

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in about 48 hrs you can demould the dandelions and have a cool paperweight. you can also cut the resin castings in half and make cool jewelry and other. I have wanted forever to make a dandelion paperweight using resin. Because of the fragility of the dandelion puff, I always assumed it was a. How To Make A Dandelion Globe These are quite possibly the most beautiful This is a step by step video of making a dandelion paperweight. Happy Monday! DIY How to Make a Dandelion Paperweight #diy #resin # mondaymotivation #goodmonday #mondaymorning #motivationmonday. Watch this amazing DIY craft of how to preserve a dandelion puff as a paperweight. How to Make Dandelion Paperweight Gem Tutorial-Video. A dandelion paperweight globe is an incredible craft that will preserve a dandelion's beauty, and all those memories of childhood fun, for all eternity!. This paperweight preserves the puff in clear resin at the moment before its parachute-like seeds fly . I bought three dandelion paperweights to give as gifts. Dandelion Paperweights - How to Make Your Own Dandelion Paperweight us. Learn how to make a dandelion paperweight from easy to find ingredients such. How To Make A Dandelion Paperweight | Dandelion Paperweight Tutorial | Make a simple dandelion paperweight to use at home or to share.