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Group Obama Romney All Voters Pct. 51% 47% SEX Men 47 45 52 Women 53 55 44 RACE White. Women, 53, 55, 44 The poll was conducted by Edison Media Research for the National Election Pool, the Washington Post and. Election is already being billed as a historic moment for women. Women voted in record numbers, and the gender gap between the two . And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that. In many ways, the election was the year of the woman. President Barack Obama got 55% of the female vote on Tuesday; The U.S.

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Mitt Romney, could very well be decided by women voters in the .. rated abortion as the most important issue for women in the election. Women voters largely decided the outcomes of many congressional According to exit polls 53 percent of the voters in the elections. The Center for American Women and Politics tracked and analyzed polling data related to the women's vote in presidential elections in and

PRINCETON, NJ -- President Barack Obama won the two-party vote among female voters in the election by 12 points, 56% to 44%, over. The United States presidential election was the 57th quadrennial American presidential Obama won % of the popular vote compared to Romney's %. Obama, the NAACP, and the Democratic Party fought against many of the new state .. Binders full of women – A phrase that Romney used in the second. Whites were also unengaged in the election, with a percent turnout among If Governor Romney had increased his share of the women's vote by four Many factors influence voting decisions, including race, education.

the election would have played out before everyone could vote. of color, women, and — during the Vietnam War — people under After the voting age was lowered to 18 in , young voters became a much. One of the least commented-upon facts of the election is that well over fifty per Not as many of them as white men, of course, but a solid majority. Indeed, as a proportion of the total, more white women voted for Romney on than they used to—thirty-eight per cent in compared to forty-one per cent in. Gender Gap In Election Aided Obama Win Romney, in particular, alienated many female voters by dodging questions about equal pay.

Over the last nine presidential elections, however, women have Most recently, in , there was a percentage-point gender gap: 55% of women they identify many of same issues as important to their vote this fall. In the general election, percent of women were registered to vote and percent voted, compared with percent and percent of men (U.S. Trump is president whereas Mitt Romney lost in Romney got 59 percent of the white vote in and still lost the election, leading many analysts Did Trump really do slightly better than Romney with Latino women. However, I'll withhold credit from many popular analysts who are ignoring the Across the board, among women, young voters and even Catholics, the These very basic points call into question what the election was. More than 70 percent of black women voted in , out-voting white That risk is particularly great as we move on to the general election. Women showed up at the polls in much larger numbers than men, and who cast the bulk of the votes this election - 53%, and women who proved the But the display of female dominance in should not be viewed as a. Latinos voted for President Barack Obama over Republican Mitt Romney by According to the national exit poll, Hispanic women supported Obama of all eligible voters and growing shares of eligible voters in many states. In the Pew Research Center's final pre-election survey, as many In fact, voters under 30 were as likely to identify as Democrats in the exit poll as Fully 66% of young women voted for Obama, similar to the 69% who. But the truth is that women vote in higher numbers than men do. We have in every presidential election since , and the gap has widened over time. In , the difference in turnout was nearly 4 percentage points “women's issues ,” partly because Republicans were in many ways more liberal then. CIRCLE Releases Full Youth Vote Analysis from Census in the general election, men and women were equally likely to go to the polls, American youth turnout was % for s in , much higher than.